Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Math Happenings

We have been busy with some fun math practice this week and last. I picked up this Math Puzzle DK game at a local consignment shop. I thought it was time for I7 to focus on some addition and subtraction facts for a bit. He sometimes has trouble remembering them when he is doing regrouping problems (aka- carrying and borrowing if you are old school. Like me.).

He found a groove and made piles of the sums and differences and another pile for the problems.
I dug in to the Math Card Games book from RightStart. Remember when I was busy acquiring the card sets and making my own?
We settled on a sequencing game for multiples. It took a while for R9 to catch on. It is a good game for her because she can work with the multiples of one set and get to know them better. I could play the game well because I know my times tables. ha!
Here's a close up of the game. They have to go in order rather like solitaire and you can move groups of cards to other to make the sequence grow. The object is to get rid of all your cards.
And then there's been dice math. Roll the dice and make multiplication problems with it. I7 did his in addition. R9 is getting better at her facts. The tables are to check answers and help if she's stuck.
Today we tried some domino math. J4 has been enjoying some domino action with the Reading Rainbow show about the mouse and the cookie- chain reactions, etc. R9 made a multiplication problem from the dots on her dominoes. I7 did a bit of dice math and then did some dominoes to finish up his practice.

The kid had a successful run at setting up a big domino track so I'm looking forward to loading up that fun little video.

We've just been consistent with the math practice this spring. I'm hoping it pays off. What fun math activities have you been doing?

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