Monday, March 1, 2010

Children's Museum 1: Providence, RI

Now that my laptop is back in business, I'm catching up on the pictures from our trip to New England the week before last. Our first full day there we spent some time in Providence, RI and visited the children's museum there. It was so crowded! I'm pretty sure that they were over the fire code limit. Whew. We are all glad to get OUT of there. Here are a few of the things we saw.

There was a history of the city with hands-on displays at each stop in the timeline. This was a cute one where you could design your own quilt.

We shopped in stores.

The boys enjoyed figuring out where we were and where we've been. What homeschooled kid doesn't LOVE a map??

I7 rides the bike and checks out what his bones look like when he does it.
We didn't spend a ton of time was so packed and J4 was unhappy because there was a giant head on the wall that freaked him out. It was all I could do to get him back in the building after lunch for the aforementioned raptor show. Thankfully it didn't cost much since we had the membership from back home.


Debbie said...

There is a place similar to that over in Saratoga. It is called Saratoga Children's Museum. I liked the creativeness of being able to see the bones. That must have been fun for the children.

Tracey said...

Giant heads freak me out too! LOL!