Sunday, February 28, 2010


While we were in Providence we took some time to go to the Children's Museum and we had the opportunity to see a raptor show. Aside from the fact that the museum was so crowded that day I don't think we'd have made it to safety had there been an emergency, the show itself was very good. This woman even had facts that E11 didn't know!

This one was my favorite...a female red tailed hawk. She was huge!

Here the lady red tail showing us her wings. We have a resident red tailed hawk. I always try to find him when I hear him call.

Aren't screech owls tiny? We have a few of these on our street too- near the woods, but apparently these guys can throw their sound and blend so well you rarely see them.

Barred Owl

So pretty...

Barn Owl- a farmer's best friend
The presenter has been taking care of injured raptors for 30 years and she had photography and artwork of her birds to share.

We'll be doing some work on owls/birds of prey when our new nature art kit arrives. More on those next post or so.

It took some doing to get J4 into the room after seeing something in the main area that freaked. him. out. Apparently, he does not like big faces of ANY sort. However, it was worth the effort!


rainydaymichele said...

Very cool, Heather. :) I love things like this. Up close and personal is so much better than on a page. ;)

What did your kids think? Do you have a child that is particularly drawn to nature and it's creatures?

Heather said...

My oldest son really loves birds of prey!

They all are really good at noticing things like animals outside.

That red-tailed hawk was so huge. You just don't realize how big a bird they really are when you see them on a wire staring at the side of the road!

School for Us said...

Oh, I love raptors! I would have enjoyed the show, but enjoyed your photos and comments instead. :-)