Saturday, March 6, 2010


This week we are started a Five in a Row Volume 4 study- Angelo by David MacCaulay. FIAR books are such rich studies, but rowing this book is especially fun since it was a free book from our local library book sale. Can you believe they were discontinuing this book???

One of the first things we do with any study is to prepare our notebooks. I vacillate between using a scrapbook type book for lapbooking elements and these three prong folders. Lapbooking elements will be glued to cardstock and put in the folder prongs. You can fit a lot of work in here and of course we love to do work! I7 did a fantastic copy of the cover, don't you think?

We placed our story disk in Italy over the city of Rome. We also took the time to review where some other disks go. More on that soon!

We did some simple mapping of Italy this time around. The kids found Rome and added it to the map along with Pompeii. Hint: We are starting some volcano studies (having just finished caves). Notice how R9 uses capital letters for the country name Italy and just the first letter capitalized for cities. Those geography trail guides and mapping conventions are paying off.
We needed something to hold up our atlas during our mapping activities so that all the kids could see it at the same time. How can this book stay open by itself? If's right here...the STUDYPOD! There it is truly does come in handy.
We've been enjoying Angelo so far. On deck for next week:
  • a study of birds- this is going to a fun one!
  • a peek at Ancient Rome
  • Learn some more Italian
  • Latin- we began our Latin studies again this week and it just goes to show you...these kids love their Latin! We set it down for a long time and they haven't forgotten a thing. I'll be sure to share details about our program soon.
  • family- my maternal grandfather was born in Italy so we are going to find out more about him and the town he lived in. Judging by the map he was not far from Venice (get ready Mom!)
  • tonight we are enjoying an Italian meal...linguine and clam sauce with focaccia bread. R9 has been helping. Of course I have photos!

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Tracey said...

I7, great job on your cover!

Have fun with the Pompeii and volcano lessons.

Study pod is a great idea!

Ciao bella!