Thursday, September 17, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Studypod

We had the chance to review the Studypod and I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of this product. I wasn't sure how I could use it in a homeschool setting. I mean it would have been awesome in college, but especially since we are not text book folks I was having some trouble with this one.

However, it finally occurred to me that there are many times when I want all the kids to see a book at the same time at the school table. I tried it out for an assignment from Draw Write Now. We wanted to draw some sea turtles. The kids thought it was great!

The price for one Studypod is $19.95.

This is definitely one of those products that I would not have thought of having but makes a great addition to our school. I like how it folds up so nicely and even has a pouch for pens and pencils which get tucked inside when you fold it up. It can stash in a back pack and it would probably be neat for taking with you on outings. I will enjoy putting it on our bookshelf unless we need it.

You do need to be careful when setting up the book and taking it down- that you don't rip the book with the prongs that hold the book in place.

Overall a great product if you think you have a use for it. Definitely not a must have, but something that makes book sharing at our house a lot easier!

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