Friday, January 15, 2010

Preschool Block Play

J4 was asking to play blocks over the weekend. So, Dan sat down with him on Sunday and I7 joined the fun. J4 chose the wood blocks from our block stash.

The Block Pile

So, they all built buildings and knocked them down. However, Dan declared that his was a historic landmark and could not be torn down. So, that prompted the kids to ask what he meant and he explained it very well. He also added- we don't want to forget the architecture ( he paused to look at his watch) from 6:50pm. He cracks me up.

He cracks the kids up too because of course you have to add sneezing out blocks to block play...I spared you the picture of the block "hanging" from his nose. He's SUCH a boy.
Never underestimate the teaching power of block play. A fun time was had by all and yes...this is on our preschool morning rotation for activities ready for J4 when we begin school.


Kisha said...

My boys would love to play at your house, Heather!

SC said...

We have those facy blocks, can't remember what they are called, the kids love them and build the greatest things. Fun when dad joins in!

Honey said...

We got the twins blocks for Christmas and the big boys sneak in and build castles and towers all the time. I think we need to get some more blocks. I loved the part of having to sneeze the blocks out first. I can totally see my boys doing something like that.

Monica said...

Your blog is so inspiring, and I gave it the sunshine award over at my blog, I'm hoping some more moms of littler ones like me can discover your blog. If you've already received this award, please accept the compliment and no need to do anything else. :)