Monday, January 18, 2010

Follow the Drinking Gourd

In the fall, we started the FIAR study on Follow the Drinking Gourd which led to this long and winding rabbit trail study of the Underground Railroad and the Civil War.

We did an art lesson on textured drawings which was a lot of fun for all of us. This is R9's.

J4's- he's got a lot of texture going on...

I7's- complete with slaves running

E11's- is that a light saber he's holding? Really?

And my very own...
There are many good lessons that go along with this book. R9 read some other picture books on the same theme and we plan to compare those different books a bit. There's a great lesson on compound words we will do for a language arts lesson. It will give you the perfect opportunity to look at the stars and discover constellations as well.

However, we've been in a Civil War holding pattern for over 8 weeks now! We plan to finish things up in the next week and a half before heading west with Westward Ho and doing a Little House study from the Prairie Primer.

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