Sunday, November 29, 2009

Got a Clue?

So, we stayed here in NY for Thanksgiving this year. I was a little bummed we decided not to travel. Last year I was still recovering from yet another surgery and this year well we were just running solidly right up through Tuesday and if you've ever attempted to drive anywhere the week of Thanksgiving you'll know that it is rarely a pleasant experience. Our schedule picks right up after this weekend so we decided to stay put. We invited over another family who also stayed in town for Thanksgiving. In a college town there is always someone we can host since not everyone goes "home" for the holidays.

Just as well too because we've had two fevers in little boys this week, plenty of congestion and now I've come down with it. Blah! Not being able to get warm and being super sleepy with a sore throat and achy sinuses, put a damper on my Black Friday shopping! I'm not sure where I was going, but I was gonna go somewhere. I love Black Friday. I did get a great deal on patterns at an Etsy shop called Bugga Bugs. More on that another time. I've been doing a lot of sewing with felt lately.

For now, I want to share that with a day at home by ourselves looming large in front of us, we played some games. I7 has been jazzed about playing Clue, Jr. Ever play? This is an introductory version of the older game of Clue which is less intense, but still teaches the basics of the game. Somehow it's never come up before, but today the kids asked about the regular game and I mentioned that I thought we had both versions. We have a few games that I brought to our marriage from my childhood- that's what happens when your parents sell your childhood home. They make you take your stuff. No item left behind. Among those, we have Scrabble, Clue, Master Detective, Pente, and Monopoly. There are probably more...

Clue, Jr as E11 points out is less sinister than the original game. You know there are hidden toys instead of murdered people.

Clue- the alpproximately mid-80s version! We had the original too from when my brother and sister were young.
Anyone recognize this version of the mansion? How about it Michele? She and I played a whole lot of clue in those days! I was always Professor Plum or the green guy what was his title? His last name was Green.

Any of you have Master Detective? I mean who can turn down more rooms, more weapons and more suspects?? The kids started with Clue today, but I have a feeling they will be willing to take on Master Detective before too long.
Other games pulled on the day after Thanksgiving- RISK, Dinomite, and PlayStation college football. Of course.

While I'm at it, one way to get your game on as a family is to pull from a hat. We often will put names of games we want to play in a hat and then we pick them throughout the day and we play them. That way everyone gets to pick a game and we even put PlayStation in there just for fun. It mixes things up a little and bunches of games get played at once.

This is a great idea for rainy Fourth of Julys, long winter days, cold rainy days, hot summer afternoons, and any other day being out and about isn't a great idea.


Sue said...

I forgot about Clue Jr.! I was always Mrs. White or Col. Mustard. Guess I know what I am putting on our Christmas list.

Ticia said...

I love Clue, I'll have to find Clue jr, mine are probably just barely ready to try it out.

Tracey said...

We love Clue Jr!