Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carcasonne- Do You Play?

We bought this game for E11 for his birthday- new games are so much fun especially when they turn out to be good ones! This one came highly recommended and I bet many of you have played. He liked it so much he bought an add on with some of his birthday money.

We can all play this one as a family. It plays fairly quickly and the points add up fast. J4 can play too and remembers an awful lot. He's not so much about strategy yet, but man when he gets older LOOK OUT. He does really well at placing tiles and he knows what to do after that. It is a lot like Rivers, Roads, and Rails which he plays often.

In this game you form cities and place knights, thieves on the road, monks in monasteries, farmers in the fields, that sort of thing. We brought it to play at LEGO practice which I'll talk about in the next post.

There are quite a few add on editions to this game. You buy the original and then can add on different play elements. E11 bought Inns and Cathedrals which increase the value of cities and roads.
It's time to think about holiday is November after all. I'm pretty sure another add on is in our family's future. All we have to do is figure out which one!

I report in on a lot of games we you all play games? Which ones are your favorites?


Amber said...

I love when you post about games! We are a gaming family, too, and I think we would love Carcasonne! We love Monopoly. Just plain 'ol Monopoly. There's a lot of learning in that game! Lord of the Rings RISK, Stratego, and UNO are other favs. We also like games for just one player, like Rush Hour and Shape by Shape (both by Think Fun).

Ticia said...

WE (the adults) LOVE Carcassone! It's awesome, and we have most of the expansions. We even have the little bitty Kings and Scouts expansion.
See if you can find a copy of Who Stole Ed's Pants, it's a fun team game that your oldest will probably enjoy.

SC said...

We just got Sum Swamp the other day, it's a little easy for my six year old, but it's challenging for his four year old brother and introducing him to adding/subtracting so it was a good buy. Carcasonne looks like a fun game, we'll have to try it.

Elinette said...

We love Carcassone as well. We also love Ticket to Ride and Skip-bo. A new favorite of ours, but not for kids is "Puerto Rico". Super high in strategy (no dice) but soooo good!

Diane said...

That game looks very interesting, may have to check that out. I just purchased lots of old fashioned games for our daughter for Christmas. Jenga, chinese checkers, chess, phase 10 and blokus. Hope she will be in a game playing mood.