Thursday, October 1, 2009

Workbox Update

I thought I'd post an update on how our boxes are working out so far this year. We started with the craze back in March and we've gone through various phases with summer vacation and our early start this year, but here's how things are going now.

One of the things I was procrastinating on in an unbelievable way is the schedule strip.

Each child has a strip attached to their set of boxes. The cards might tell the kids what to do if it's not in the next box on the cart.

Each child has his/her own color.

J4's boxes are always a ton of fun.

As you can see we are not to the point of filling them all. I am discerning about it because I don't want the kids doing activities just to do them. I'm careful to put our passion pursuits in the second half of the boxes coinciding with our afternoon slot.

I still love them for the mere place to put things I have prepared for the kids to go without losing them before we use them! I used to teach 170 kids a day, but to be fair that was only two preps. I had two sets of lessons (which is actually still a feat since most middle school teachers only teach one grade and I had no lab assistant- it was all me baby!) so only two sets of papers to keep track of. Now I have four kids at home doing various different things even though we do unit studies. I can't remember where anything is that I print. Now I have a place to put it when I print it!

J4 usually has something in his box that has to do with the alphabet. This is an alphabet pairing puzzle. On one side are the upper and lower case letters to match and on the other a picture to match the sound of the letter.

Sometimes I put a magazine issue in the boxes. Top Story is a favorite at our house.

I7 has various reading boxes daily- this one has plastic word tiles.

Also for I7 a site word flash card set from this dolch kit
All in all, I think they have been a success. Now if I can just get this school year underway in a more consistent fashion instead of flying by the seat of my capris! THAT would be something. Actually, math is going grand and I will share that next well maybe after a few reviews that are piling up!


Kristenph said...

Trying to implement workboxes for my 7 year old only at the moment. He is reading, but not well. I like the dolch flashcards you have in the box. My question is do you do the flash cards with your 7 year old? I don't see any way to use flash cards independently, but I'm struggling to find much to put in the boxes that he can do all by himself.

Tracey said...

Heather, the strips are a smart idea. The boxes look great. I will wait for the next math post.

Heather said...

Kristen with things like this I have my 7yo read out loud the cards to me or a book for that matter while I'm doing something else with another child.

So...yes and no is the answer to your question.