Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Name Games

Still trying to get back in the groove after being in Nashville and quite honestly after getting ready for Nashville prior to actually leaving! Preparing a team of 7 to go to convention and making sure they felt welcomed and loved on and to encourage them to do the same for their local teams that were going. And getting three new team members trained and equipped before leaving...whew...I'm ready for a short MOPS break! Perhaps I will share some of what I saw at Convention soon. I learned a lot of relevant stuff and enjoyed it immensely. However, I have much blogging, reviewing and homeschooling to catch up on so it will be a bit.

On to the topic at hand! One of the goals I have for my preschoolers is to have them learn their name. Pretty early on all of my kids could recognize their names and J4 is no exception. So, once that skill is accomplished I like to work on them writing it and identifying individual letters. I mean it's one thing for a 3-4-5 yr old to recognize the pattern they see when they look at their name and another for them to actually sort of spell it out.

Every day I put a name "game" into J4's workboxes. I made this one from paint chips. I cut a file folder in half and wrote his letters on individual chips. The chips in the picture are turned to protect the innocent. I glued one set down on the folder and the other set are for matching up.

I used a library pocket on the back of the folder to store the loose letters.
Other fun ways to practice names for preschoolers:
  • Spell their name on a sentence strip and have them trace it with marker
  • Spell their name in yellow marker and have them trace in pencil on a sheet of blank paper (I use drawing paper cut into wide strips)
  • Spell their name so they can trace it and decorate it with stickers
  • Spell their name out in pencil and let them trace the letters using dot painters.
  • Give them the letter molds for playdough and let them make their letters in playdough and then match the order.
  • When they are a bit older just have them spell out their name with playdough letters
  • Use letter chips to match the letters in their name
  • Spell out name in letter magnets at the frig or magnetic wall
  • Trace letters on the white board/chalk board
  • Cut out letters that are in squares and match/arrange depending on age
  • Begin teaching last names when they get good at their first name
Share your ideas on how preschoolers can practice their name by leaving a comment!


Christie said...

gGreat ideas!!
I put my boys' names into songs for them to learn. My 5 yr old learned to spell his name to the tune of BINGO a couple years ago. "There once was mom (dad) who had a son and Kaleb was his name. K-A-L-E-B..." It was fun.
So then I had to come up with one for my 3 yr old last year....London Bridge! "G-A-B-R-I-E-L, Gabriel, Gabriel. G-A-B-R-I-E-L, that spells Gabriel." =) Both he and Kaleb can easily spell their names (and each others!!) now.
Oh I printed out their letters so they could learn to recognize them on paper as well.
Now to come up with one for the baby... =)

Shaunna said...

I just found your blog, and I love the ideas you gave. I have a question though. When your child traces the letters of their name do you help them make the strokes in a certain order, so they learn to make their letters correctly? Or do you let them do it in any order they wish? I know this might be a dumb question, but I am just starting homeschooling, and could use some advise. I love all your ideas and input about Before Five in a Row too. Thanks

Heather said...

Shaunna- I would make early childhood teachers cringe because I let them do whatever until they are a bit older and will take such instruction.

My current 4yo does not take advice on letter formation as of yet. he's a renegade! Sometimes he won't even trace. He wants to go it alone! ha.

Welcome to Blog, She Wrote. Thanks for reading!


Amy said...

This is great! I love your preschool ideas--thanks for sharing them!

Mom2*2gr8kids said...

We make letters in shaving cream on the table, whipped cream, and pudding!
We write names and letters on the shower wall with bath crayons. It's fun to write notes to each other everyday.
When first learning a letter, I write it in sandpaper and they trace it with their finger lightly and with chalk.
Oh, we do the song thing with their name too! :)

Love your blog!

Chris, Lindsey, Wesley, Adelaide & Hudson Carter said...

Heather, thanks for the great ideas! I'm sure my dc would love to do something more fun than writing their names everyday. I will be trying these ideas out! said...

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