Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TOS Crew Review: Journey through Learning

I had a good time working with the Reptiles lapbook from Journey through Learning. They actually sent us five lapbooks to have and review.
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians
  • Autumn
  • Desert
  • Parable of A King

I took a look at the Reptile one in detail and I'm anxious to use the autumn one next. I used the Reptiles lapbook with our study of When I Was Young in the Mountains for FIAR- just because I thought it would be a great way to study snakes and reptiles in general. I was not disapointed!

There are many lap book publishers out there and I can honestly say the Journey through Learning templates are easy to use and just a pleasure to work with. What makes them stand out?
  • easy to follow directions on what to do with each element
  • pages with easily readable text on each topic relating to the lap book elements
  • there is one element per page and the there is a picture map showing you where it belongs in the lap book.
  • they include colorful photos
  • electronic download $13.00
  • CD $14.00
  • printed version $21.00
Our fashionable start to our reptile lap book

This was a great element allowing even I7 to read through the characteristics and marking out the ones that did not apply. The rest he cut out and glued in place in this book.

The text is marked very clearly for the element it belongs to- this is one key for me. So many others I've used do not have this feature.

See the directions and the map of where the element goes? How cool is that?

Again, great directions on how to use the element
If you check out their website, you will see many other units and categories of lap books. Though I have only used the Reptile unit so far, I can see that the others are patterned the same way. They can be used as an addition to a unit you are doing or better yet they can stand on their own as complete units. I'm looking forward to using the autumn unit and the amphibian unit will be a great addition to our unit on frogs in the spring.

Lap books are an individual thing sometimes, but I think the writers here have done a great job at making it easy for the beginner and versatile for the more advanced lap book student. I enjoyed working with them and I think you will too.

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