Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Night Walk

The other night the kids wanted to go out at night with their flashlights while Dan was at choir practice. So, I thought it might be fun and I agreed. First we looked at the pumpkins that really are growing in our backyard garden!! I thought I couldn't grow even a pumpkin (our tomatoes got the blight) and all was lost, but here they are!

Love the pumpkin hunt!

I didn't show it, but there's another baby pumpkin on another vine.

Then we took a walk- the kids thought they were something!

Then they convinced me to play several rounds of ghost in the graveyard when we got back home. We need to do that again soon!
I should mention that it was about 44 degrees and wet out that night. Woodsmoke hanging in there and you could see your breath. Our furnace isn't on yet. I think it's time!


Anderpateta said...
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Anonymous said...

You grew pumpkins! Hurray!!!

I am very proud of you Heather. I just knew you could do it!