Sunday, October 4, 2009

When I Was Young in the Mountains

The past two weeks we've been working on the book When I Was Young in the Mountains by Cynthia Rylant. This is a fun tale about what it was like growing up in rural West Virginia.

Bobwhite call- E11 looked up the bobwhite call mentioned in the book.

We did a map of West Virginia noting the capital and where my mom and dad live. We also made a map to note where the Appalachian Mountains are located.

We did several lessons on weights and measures. The kids made a simple data chart and measured various items using our kitchen scale in ounces. It was interesting to note that the ounces measure in fractional parts while the grams measures in decimals. I thought that was interesting.

The X-Wing was in the line up. It weighed less than the V19 Torrent.
We've also been working on learning about snakes (among other things- these are the highlights) and I'll show you the reptile lapbook in a separate post because I'll tell you a secret. I'm reviewing it for the TOS Crew!


Anderpateta said...

hummmm, I'm new here, but it seems interesting.

Tracey said...

Looks like fun!

Pauline said...

I like the look of your blog and will definitely be back to have a closer look as soon as I have a moment to myself "O) Thanks for the link- I got it from the MoTL yahoo group "O) and thought I would have a peep.
I am glad I did!

Heather said...

Welcome Pauline! Thanks for stopping in. :)

SarahElisabeth said...

Thank you for the bobwhite recording-hopefully will play this to the children tomorrow. I didn't know anything about them as we have rather different birds in the UK and the snake part is interesting too as we only have the grass snake and the adder.