Monday, July 20, 2009

Rivers, Roads, and Rails...A Game

This is a great game made by the Ravensburger Company. It's called Rivers, Roads, and Rails. It's a matching game where you need to lay out a path using the cards and you have to match up all the modes of transportation.

With J4 we just pile the cards face up and he chooses the ones that match. Usually you keep them face down so you can't grab a match. Of course.
It's always fun to share a game that might be new to you. It reminds me a little of Waterworks. Do you remember that one?


PisecoMom said...

This reminds me to pull Rivers, Roads, and Rails out of the stack for my 2 1/2 year old daughter! My son (now 7) loved this game for a couple of years when trains and trucks were his big loves, but it has been put away for a while. Time to get it out!

Berry Patch said...

We have this one too. I bought it for son #2 for Easter I think it was. He LOVES trains (he's 8) & LOVES this game. I like it too & that's always a huge bonus in my opinion. ;-)

Robin said...

We have it too, but have had trouble with it not being flexible enough. There don't seem to be enough multi-direction pieces so usually there are only 2 spots to play.

Are we missing something?

Kim said...

That look like a fun game! My little ones love memory games. :-)

I wanted to share the Sisterhood award with you. Info is on my blog.

Heather said...

Robin,the game is a bit slow but if you keep at it there some more turns. We usually quit before things get too long and meandering.

Thanks Kim! I'll check out your blog.