Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chess Puzzles

It's been a busy week...more on this and how it has to change soon! I mean one cannot continue to be behind in blogging. Seriously. But for now, here's a look at how the kids have been entertaining themselves this week between our busyness. Chess. E10 has been a chess buff since the first grade. He recently found his skills getting a bit rusty so he's revived this obsession. When he was 6, he would take on adults and give them a challenge. Not that he's Bobby Fisher or anything, but the more he plays the better he gets and when he was younger it took most adults by surprise.

We started with this one at 6yrs old along with an inexpensive chess set.

We added this one later which has puzzles in it too. You can never have enough chess books. Can you? Really?

This book is fun for improving strategy. E10 has been having a great time setting up the puzzles on his chess board and getting anyone who will indulge him to try and solve it. R9 has been giving it a try.

Here's one now...the kids wanted you all to solve it. White has a helpmate in 2 moves. A helpmate is a puzzle in which white moves in such a way that gives black a check mate. There is only one way it can be done in two moves. Ok...GO! Comment here with your answer.
E10 has also had a game of chess with his grandfather this week. They play Alpha Chess via computer and they use a free web conference to see each other and talk over the internet connection. They used to do this regularly, but there is a resurgence in interest right now. I've lost two games so far this week. I love it when he check mates and then tells me what I should have done. Love that. Apparently, E10 is looking to get back on top of his game. Glad to be of service...this kid is all about the quality time love language. All about it. So, if I need to lose a few games of's for a good cause.


Your dh (who is not that good of a chess player...) said...

White King moves to corner. Black Knight moves one up and two right. White rook moves all the way forward to trap King in corner. Black Knight moves one left, two forward to checkmate King.

Come on E10, give me a hard one...

Jocelyne said...

Thanks for the book recomendations. My 5-year-old has suddenly taken a huge interest in chess. I have no clue how to play so I will need these books just as much as him. I think we will check out the first book to start :)

Tracey said...

My 10-year-old is asking to play Chess, and I do not know how to play. We have a Chess set so I guess I will figure it out. Looks very thought provoking.

Heather said...

Well girls, to be honest, the mechanics of chess are not difficult at all. However, to be good at it you have to be able to think and see several moves or more ahead. That part is not so easy.

Bethany said...

I'm just getting ready to give that book and a chess board to my son for his 6th birthday! He has really been wanting to learn. I'm glad to hear that's when your son started, because I wasn't sure if he was a bit young, or not.

Allie said...

I have to chuckle at your hubby taking on E10's challenge and asking for a hard one. Sounds like he's worried E10 may overtake him in his chess skills. Or maybe has already? You guys are so funny. :)

And thanks for the book recommendations.