Friday, July 10, 2009

Garden Update

Little Red Hen here with an update on the garden! We've had so much rain, it had been some time since we'd been out to weed. However, this week we made it out there one afternoon and did our work. Don't be fooled by what looks like parched ground. I'm surprised this entire raised bed hasn't floated away.

These are our fine tomato plants. All bunched together. Not staked up. I'll be dealing with that soon. Well the staked part. The crowding is what it is.

Marigolds that are actually flowering! That is satisfying.

The Pumpkin Patch. Plenty of yellow flowers. Let's hope the bees noticed.

The enormous radish. We know we can't eat the big ones. Today we are going to start a root top garden though and see if we can't get another radish along with a carrot and a beet. I could not find a turnip at Wegmans the other day. What's up with that?

The blue jay feather we found. That will make a great entry in our nature journals and/or garden journal. I'll keep you posted on the garden journal once it has a bit more going on.

And finally. We did get around to actually weeding our plot. I can see that next year we'll be able to plant more stuff. I think we'll start planning in January. Oh and I should mention that our pepper plants which are next to our tomatoes on the left and our sweet peas- bottom tier on the left of the marigolds are growing too.
I had left room for stepping stones that we haven't put in yet so the weeding could easily be done. Next year we'll try planting more and starting more from seed in late March or early April. Our neighbor's garden has some really big plants in it about now. Their tomato plants are dwarfing ours. They bought all their stuff at a nursery and when one of the kids made a comment about this at dinner R9 said it all. "Well they bought them half grown!" Indeed. They certainly did.

I'm just slightly worried that our tomatoes aren't going to ripen before the first frost since those giant tomatoes next door barely make it and I think they actually have many they never harvest.

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Valerie said...

Hi Heather! My gardening friend tells me that you can actually pollinate the pumpkin flowers yourself if the bees don't get to them. Apparently there are male and female flowers on the same plant and the male flowers bloom first. I don't know exactly how this is done but I'm sure you could find it online somewhere. Do you have any Barry White music? hee hee.