Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4-H Fair Entries: 2009

The local county 4-H Fair is on this week. The kids all participated. I-7 is a Cloverbud while R9 moved up to be a 4-Her this year. The kids really enjoy showcasing their work in the Fair. It'll be fun to see how they did and to see what other kids have done and what will be headed to the State Fair in August.

R9 entered her Owl Moon watercolor resist painting from earlier this year. Hers is the bottom painting with the winter tree skeleton.

The is our second year with the local 4-H Fair. I-7 he entered this Owl Moon watercolor from this winter. We mounted it on black construction paper and it is quite striking.

E10 entered his watercolor line design from his watercolor pencil co-op class this past spring.

R9 entered most of what she has sewn since Fair time last year- a patchwork pillow, a pincushion, a Felicity nightgown...

...A drawstring bag and a skirt- guess I'd better do some *gulp* ironing.
So they were due Monday morning and I did manage to iron them all nice and pretty. The judging is on Thursday for clothing and textiles. We'll visit on Friday to see how the kids did this year.


Anonymous said...

The sewing looks great. My dd loves to sew and 4H is a great group for encouraging this skill.

Amy said...

Looks great! Good luck to your dc!

School for Us said...

Wow! I'm impressed. We used to have a local, active 4-H group but I believe they kind of fell apart. I think I'll try to find one for my daughter for next year, though.