Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes

Kendra at the Pumpkin Patch has started a weekly meme called Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes and I think I'll join her as often as I can. This is a chance to share with our readers all the fun things we'll be putting in the workboxes for the week.

Sue Patrick
must be amazed at how her original idea has taken off in the homeschooling community. I know I am!

So, what will be going on this week at our house? Well we've had three weeks off from school and I think we will school for the next three weeks- half days and see how things go. Then maybe take another three weeks off. I can add these days to our school year and take a nice winter break when we feel like we need some time off. With that in mind, I will be filling the workboxes with some items this week to get us thinking and our brain waves moving.

Here's some of what's on tap?

R9 will be working on turning a favorite pair of her jeans into a skirt. We picked out some purple gingham fabric for the triangle patch and a yellow floral pattern for the extra ruffle.

This is a book we got R9 for Christmas. It has some really cute projects in it. I hope she can finish this one in time for the 4-H Fair coming up next month. We can do it, right?


Julie said...

Ok, do you live in TN and did you get that fabric at a yard sale? I had gotten rid of some fabric in my last yard sale (in May) and boy, that looks just like it! lol

Can't wait to see finished product!

Heather said...

Nope NY Julie! We bought this fabric 9 yrs ago for my dd's then nursery curtains. They are kind of reversible.

Great fabric!