Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Water Color Pencils & Coin Collecting

E10 took a watercolor pencil class taught by a former art teacher. He really enjoyed making the line drawings, but he did a great piece of broccoli, his New Balance tennis shoe, and a pansy which he entered into our recent homeschool art show. It was fun to see his creations and to use some new art supplies. It'll be fun to incorporate them into our home instruction.

His other co-op class this semester was Coin Collecting. It was taught by a 13 yr old with a passion for it with his mom nearby. They did a great job. One of the highlights was a field trip to a coin collecting shop in town. He took some money to buy each of his brothers and sister a coin. One of my favorite is the new Lincoln penny which has a limited minting number. This display is a little rough (13 yr old boy rough I guess), but this was a great class for E10.


School for Us said...

What neat classes! And, I love the thought that when my daughter is a young teen, she can perhaps teach others about her hobbies, etc!

got coffee said...

the new penny release makes me wonder, with inflation and all, is a penny still worth a penny?