Friday, May 8, 2009

Robinson Crusoe

R8 has been reading Robinson Crusoe as part of our explorers unit. E10 is also reading it but has not gotten into it as of yet. Dan is reading it as well. He can always be counted upon to read ahead for me.

Yesterday I caught her reading and she asked me about what equinox meant. We read it in its context together and I was amazed. Have you read this book? The language isn't exactly straight forward for the average adult let alone the average 8 yr almost 9 yr old girl! I read the paragraph surrounding the word in question and asked her if she knew what it meant. Sure enough...she paraphrased it on the mark.

I will admit freely I was never much of a reader and to this day I read just about solely for information (non-fiction) rather than reading fiction. However, I have been reading to the kids quite a bit and I have to say I missed out. On the up side, it gives me something to read now!

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