Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Explorers

We are at the point in our study of World Exploration where we are visiting the various explorers. This week was Columbus and a review of Erikson. Each of the kids made their own version of the Weekly Explorer Newspaper. Today we'll finish that up with marking it on our wall map.

Last week as we talked about navigational tools we made our own compass. It really worked! That needle is really pointing north.
The kids enjoy mapping the routes on their own maps and writing in their captain's log. E10 is doing a great job with this. I love hearing his entries.

Meanwhile, they've been steadily working on their adventure stories. Maybe I'll share excerpts soon.


Your dh said...

So are we going to make the sextant and try to determine our position like the explorers did?

Heather said...

I thought we needed a horizon like those found at the beach?

Did that change?

Making a sextant sounds like a project for a homeschooling DAD!! your public awaits.

Nancy said...

Your blog is really fun and inspiring. I was wondering how you plan all of this stuff. Do you decide during the summer what you want to study? Do things just sort of come up throughout the year as well? How do you plan your unit studies?