Friday, April 3, 2009

A 3yo's Reflections on Our New Satellite Dish

Today the Dish guy came. He brought us a new DVR. We had our original DVR for oh about four years or more. The hard drive started having issues two years ago. Dan's been holding out. We were constantly rebooting it because the disk wouldn't even spin up half the time. Finally, after the hard drive kept dumping our scheduled recordings almost daily, Dan gave Dish Network a call.

I'm happy to report that Dish Network came through for us. They waived the fee for our new DVR and added a few other very appealing incentives. I guess keeping 11yr old customers is a priority these days. Wow! You've been with us 11 years. That's amazing. I guess so. I think it's called brand loyalty.

Bonus...the remote works now too. You don't even want to know what a problem that was! The first thing Dish Guy said when he walked in was, "Wow! That IS an old one!" Followed by, "What is that NOISE?" Both statements were made in reference to our DVR. Before he left he was supposed to use our old remote to get a number. He ended up saying, "Never mind. It won't work." I replied, "I can do it for you- it just requires patience." I was most excited that the new DVR came with TWO remotes. My first thought was how we'll have extra when this one breaks. And it will. Because we'll have it for the next five years or more.

Dish Guy left shaking his head. I'm not sure he sees too many people who have ONE tv that is serviced by ancient equipment. Dan and I had a good laugh about it. We decided that companies should pay us because we are going for full length endurance testing on all of our electronic equipment. Choose us please and we'll see how long average use will last on your product and which limping techniques are most effective.

This was a big deal for the kids this morning. J3 spoke with Dish Guy for some time about how the 3rd respondent is the one that takes the longest to come around during re-boot. We didn't think much about it the rest of the day. When Dan got home he tested it all out and checked out the new operations.

We have all new cables, a new DVR, two new remotes, and even a new satellite dish.

After dinner as he is getting down J3 comments to Dan, "Daddy...I looked out the window today and I saw the Dish Guy with a parabolic reflector- he took it." (referring to Dish Guy removing our old dish)

In case you are wondering...back in mid-March when R8 competed in the 4-H public speaking county event we heard a talk on parabolic reflectors.

Guess who remembered it.

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