Friday, April 10, 2009

WeE-books from The Old Schoolhouse- A Review

If you've never been over to The Old Schoolhouse Store, head on over there because in addition to the free shipping products they always have, you'll be able to see the full line of WeE-books they have now.

I reviewed three of the WeE-books that I thought were most interesting to start with (below)- Writer's Workshop, Beating Summertime Blues, and Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking. However, there is a full line of WeE-books to choose from and they are all just $1.95.

There are many topics to choose from covering hot topics in homeschooling, different methods of homeschooling, ideas for fundraising, how to start a homeschool group just to name a few.

I really loved sitting down to a topic I wanted to learn more about knowing it would only take a few minutes. Each book is thorough but concise and packed full of information.

Run over and check out a topic of your choice. You won't be disappointed!

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