Friday, April 24, 2009

The Strawberry Pincushion!

Is finished! R8 has been working on her pincushion- a place for the pins she uses in her sewing projects. She pretty well did the whole thing by herself and she did a terrific job.

She wasted no time in getting those pins in there...

This is the book we used for the project. In typical Klutz style, it comes with what you need to do each project.
Next up we are working on a bag for her American Girl dolls. It's a fleece bag which is lined with a contrasting color. We are early on pinning the pattern to the fabric, but I will update as we go along.

The bag is a machine project and I like her to have a hand sewing project going so she is choosing up the next one. She might go with the Buggabug pies. We'll see. Each day her sewing is in one of her workboxes so she spends time on her sewing daily.

R8 is a very talented seamstress for her age. She and I will be going to a quilting group at church starting in May. I can't wait to finish the first one! We are both very excited.

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Leanne said...

Well done! What a fab job she has done.

Thanks for email link grin!
I couldn't work out 3 column blog - I couldn't see the coding on my old computer.

Love Leanne