Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine Treats

I've been so busy with my MOPS work lately, that I'm missing out on some blogging moments. I'm not going to let this one go by!

Valentine's Day is a day I meet with some caution. I have had some not-so-lovely ones in my time. Let's see...1995 brought an emergency surgery- a big one. The upside is that I had been dating Dan for six weeks at the time. Three years later in 1998, we were expecting our first child and we had gone house hunting for the day. We returned home after a splendid day of looking at houses and having a romantic dinner to find that our condo had burned. As in there had been a fire. One that had broken out only moments after we'd left. There was an 8 x 8 hole in our living room floor and while we were gone everything in there had been thrown on to the front lawn and thrown back again. While we lost nothing to flames, we lost a lot to smoke and water damage. Thank goodness for renter's insurance! (note- that is a PSA...if you are a renter, get insurance!) We had been discussing when we'd put a contract on our favorite house. Dan wanted to wait and I wanted to do it right away. Guess who won? Having no place to live trumps any kind of hesitation when considering the timing of purchasing a home.

Thankfully, this Valentine's Day was uneventful. I like those kind!

We did treat bags for the kids. Each one received some chocolates and some coupons. They each get to go bowling and have pizza, they each get a "date" out with one of us on their own doing something they love, and the last is for something they enjoy doing at home with us. Now as soon as they all feel better after whatever is making them slog, we'll get to have some fun.

My gift speaks for itself. He spent the weekend scraping and papering the kitchen walls. I won't tell you how long I have waited for this! The paper is the kind that you can paint over and we did that together the next day. Let's just say that when we moved in here 9 years ago now, we bought a quintessential 1970s home in the year 2000. Honestly, it was the second time we'd bought a 1970s era green aluminum sided home from an elderly smoking couple. Yes. The second. Only this time I would say they hadn't done anything to the house since the early to mid- 80s! (the first house was a gem, but if I ever get to buy another one, I'll go with a newer home or at least one that comes in contractor white. period) This last bit of paper in the kitchen was like the original layer under about six other layers. Oh the stories I could tell. This handsome paper below was adhered directly to the drywall so Dan has just been so excited to rebuild everything he has to remove around here. The paper worked well though and hopefully next weekend we'll paint.

Dan got this really cute, puffy heart picture frame with a picture of us in it for his desk at work and I notice that it hasn't quite made it there yet. Ahem. His coupons included a desk cleaning (my attempt at making his computer space his own man cave area) and a chocolaty dessert- a total sacrifice considering I don't like chocolate too much myself.

I hope yours was a great day!


Your dh said...

The frame may not be on my desk, but that is only because I already have 13 other pictures / montages at my desk and my office is not that big.

Heather said...

big enough for fifty-leven rockin' electric guitars! Just sayin'.

Don't be surprised if you find it in your bag tomorrow when you reach for that poptart.