Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Closer Look at Germs

Last week, as part of our study of Betsy Ross, we took a closer look at the germs which can make us sick. It was a fabulous little lesson. I also used this link both found at Sheri's blog, The Shades of Pink.

We listed ways that bacteria are harmful and ways that they are helpful. This gave us a chance to talk about personal hygeine too- great little health lesson.

They colored pictures of the three most commonly shaped bacteria and we talked about how they are a one celled organism. We use our Usborne Encyclopedia of Science to get some facts on them and what their names are. Usually these books have great internet links managed by Usborne so they are up to date with good links. Sometimes they have video or just a great kid's page of information.

I have no idea why this picture won't load correctly...we also talked about viruses and how they are different from bacteria.

The lesson site also has an exercise where you rub nutmeg all over your hands after putting oil on them. Then you try to wash your hands with water only to find out the nutmeg does not come off without soap. Just a little illustration on why you need soap to wash away the bacteria. So clever.


Debbie said...

Such a cool lesson...will have to keep this in mind for later! Thanks for sharing!

School for Us said...

That is a neat lesson.

Also, about your photos loading strangely... I've been with blogger 3 1/2 years and never had that happen. Strange!

Elinette said...

I am going to borrow some of these ideas for a workshop I heading for our local homeschoolers about hygiene. Thanks for sharing.