Sunday, February 22, 2009


So, we finally made a decision on what to do with all of the gift money we were given at Christmas time. Let me first say that there were several things on the table. Almost every one I know got a Wii for Christmas. So, I was Jonesin' for the Wii. Dan didn't like that idea. Another thought were these cool laser tag guns. I turned that one down. The kids would have liked either. Another idea was a new computer for the school area. The kids weren't as excited about this one, but it grew on them. Since it arrived they've been enjoying it. We ordered it through a sale at Dell, with the university's education discount, on February 4th. They said it wouldn't ship until February 19th. It came early, but seriously? Did they build it from scratch when we ordered?

Two new flat screens! One for our older computer (a gift from my parents- I love it when they upgrade) and of course the new one has one. Once we get a few connectors, both of these computers will be on the network. For now we have three out of the four computers we own on the network but one more can join when the connector ship comes in. All with internet and printer access.

Check out the yellow track ball for the kids' games. Up on the older tower is our Intel Play QX3 Digital Microscope. Love this thing and it doesn't run with Vista so it will stay on the XP machine.

The older computer tower will be transformed into a network server for back up. But tell me what I'm going to do with these two beastly monitors?

We are all set! Look out...webquests and research will never be the same! J3 is going to miss the machine that ran Linux, but no worries I'm pretty sure we have all that Linux stuff on disk (right Grandpa?) and we'll still be able to run it.

Thanks to all of our family members who contributed to our amazing gift. We have done our part to stimulate the economy. All done now.


Jill said...

Cool! Looks awesome!

As for the beastly monitors, do you have a Best Buy around that does electronics recycling? Some Best Buys are doing it for free now. I think you're limited to 2 items per person per day. Worth looking into...:-)

Heather said...

Great suggestion! I'll see what they say.