Friday, February 27, 2009

My Brother Sam is Dead

E10 read My Brother Sam is Dead as a part of his Betsy Ross studies. He devoured it in just two days. I found some great book report forms at Ed Helper so he could write about what he read. I really like these forms because they go beyond just reporting the facts. A certain amount of extrapolation of thought is needed to complete these well.

There are all kinds of book report forms at EdHelper. The forms I have shared here are on the free section of the site. If you want to customize any of the forms, you need to buy the membership. I may do that soon just because I'm anxious to see what else I have access to at the basic membership. This site looks good for 4th grade and up. I had him use the form for Historical Fiction to tell me what he knew about the book.

Page 1- I brought them over just in case you are person who doesn't follow links (I so know some of you don't bother!) because I don't want you to miss out.

Page 2- E10 had some insightful answers to these two questions.

Here's a link to a Biography Form Sample 1- This one is good for reporting on biographies. We are studying some famous people from the time of the American Revolution as well. There's another post coming on that one!

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