Friday, February 27, 2009

The Dangerous Book for Boys

The book that started it all. E10 has such a great time pouring through this book from time to time. Last year we even took the boys to a Dangerous Boys Club at the bookstore for a while. We actually pulled it out this week to read the Declaration of Independence as part of our study of Betsy Ross and The Hatmaker's Sign. The book has everything the authors deem important for a boy to know. Came in handy this week that is for sure. There is a companion book for girls called The Daring Book for Girls, but it only has the Bill of Rights not the Declaration of Independence. I just checked.

What a fun game! Girls can play too, but they have to say "Boys are fantastic. Girls are elastic." Three times before they can start.
You have to know the book pretty well- you might have to identify constellations, make knots, know signal flags. That sort of thing.
The authors have a website- I mean I guess we shouldn't expect anything less, right? What did we all do back in the day without a website to go along with our Smurfs, My Little Pony, and Cabbage Patch Kids (well if they'd had one at least I could have pretended I had one of those- couldn't resist Mom and Dad!). Oh yeah...I bet we just played with the toy. How about that.


MICHELE said...

Hey Heather...we just played this game last night! WE LOVE IT, too!


Andrea said...

My ds LOVES the Dangerous Book- We'll have to search for the game!