Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sewing- with a Passion

So, we are starting the year with a new focus. School in the morning as much as possible, finish up just after lunch and then it will be time for pursuing passions! I'm working on being tenaciously purposeful about doing this- more on this later.

For R8 that will be to do sewing and sign language. For Christmas she received a box of her own sewing notions (so she isn't using mine- because we all know that I'm so busy with my own sewing that we can't have that...ahem), about five patterns including some for doll clothes and a doll tote, some sewing books with very cute projects in them, and coupons for fabric.

We've already gone out to choose the fabric and now we will get started. The first project is the doll tote. It's made to carry two American Girl dolls. Perfect for a girl with a growing collection! I'll make sure to post pictures as we get started.

Her fleece pullover from last semester's co-op is almost done as well. She just needs to put the sleeves on. I suppose we should finish that up first, huh?

Oh and when we were at JoAnn Fabrics to pick up the fabric we ran into a fabulous sale with our coupons. R8 decided to get a cutting tool kit for her quilting. This ought to be great fun.

Are there passions your kids want to pursue? What can you do to feed the fire?

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