Friday, January 9, 2009

New Games!!

So, you know we are a gaming family! E10 is an especially serious gamer and he got a handful of new games. J3 also received some games for his preschool stash.

A new favorite is Silly Faces for J3 and his siblings like to join in sometimes.

Blokus Trigon- this one is way harder than the original...What's Gnu is a nice word game. Spill and Spell for R8- boy did I play a lot of that when I was little! The Prismacolors were a family gift- the 24 pack. MMMmmmmm love the Prismacolors.

E10's new collection...Blokus 3D this one is even harder and one I will never succeed at. Waaayyy too much spatial orientation needed for that one. Planet Earth DVD game- hopefully not lame, but we will finish watching the original DVDs first (thanks Grandma and Grandpa! Caves were awesome to watch so far). Set is a new favorite- not as easy as it sounds. Right before Christmas I saw The Dangerous Book for Boys Game- how did I miss it all season? This one requires specific knowledge from the book. Fun game. If girls want to play they have to repeat, "Boys are fantastic girls are elastic" three times. And finally, travel Scrabble. E10 is a Scrabble hound and it was fun to play on the road. We passed it back and forth in the van.


Amber said...

You have some great games there! Set is a favorite around my house. Have fun!

Jen said...

I had thought about getting the colorforms one. Jack loves stuff like that!

SC said...

where'd you get that matching alphabet game? That would be great for my preschooler. We're a big game playing family, too.

Heather said...


The alphabet matching puzzle was purchased from


Edwena said...

We just got What's Gnu and regular Blokus, and Set this year. What we really have loved is Rat-a-Tat Cat.