Friday, January 23, 2009

Pizza Fondue

I've only been talking about making pizza fondue for about two weeks or more. I finally did it yesterday. I went with a meatless recipe and made two batches of focaccia to go with it. R8 helped make the focaccia.

The focaccia dough ready for the oven
The fondue- it was yummy. My presentation leaves something to be desired I'm sure.
Rolling out the focaccia which I make into a flatter bread sliced in long pieces. I don't make a nice round loaf. Ignore the junk on my counter please. Tiny kitchens sometimes have messy counters. Sometimes they don't.

It was pretty good! Next time I'll put meat in it and serve it with a tossed salad. This time I went with a different green veggie. The meal did lend itself to a dinner conversation about fondue pots and the 70s. We imagined sitting around the table dipping things and eating them. We sung some disco. We reminisced about those early childhood days. Dan's family had a fondue pot. Mine did not. But I'm betting my parents did dabble in disco. Yes. I bet they did.
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Sheri said...

Every single time I go to California I mean to pick up my fondue pot (which is in a box, brand new, in my Mom's guest room closet), but I keep forgetting it. I should just suck it up and buy one.

alice said...

Very cool. And I had to laugh at the messy kitchen is a tiny 1940's kitchen and looks very similar.