Saturday, January 17, 2009

Owl Moon Notebook

We finished up our study of Owl Moon this week. We spent the week doing art and some language arts. Plus, we ended up with a study of the forest mammals (remember our mural?) and of owls and tracks. We even had an Owl Moon a few nights and enjoyed some crunching in the snow.

First page in the new scrapbook notebook for I-6. We go back and forth between those and the folders for lapbooks or the pronged folders for notebooks. Whatever suits my fancy really. These came from Walmart.

We talked about mammals found in the forest. We talked about what mammals are and did some classification of mammals. The lapbook materials are from the winter kit from Hearts and Trees. She still has them for sale and is trying to sell them out because of the looming new child safety law that is wreaking havoc in the small homeschool business world. You can just purchase the pdf of the forms.

We talked about some owl basics and animals tracks. I-6 was begging to do a story using words he knows. So I chose some owl words for him. We put them on the outside of his copywork book.

I let him read each word card to me and dictate a sentence using that word. I typed it into StartWrite as he dictated them to me and when we were done, he had his copy work. Brilliant! I plan to do this often. Not his best writing, but I will say for first grade leftie boy he is coming right along. This is much improved from even earlier this school year.

Finally, a word about the virtual owl pellet site. This is even more fantastic than I had originally thought! Not only can you "dissect" the pellet, but there are also questions and activities that you can do to go along with them. We had to decide how many mice one owl had eaten. You can choose from a list of owls too and check out what the different species are prowling after. This is definitely worth a visit and all the kids had fun using it.


The Organic Nest said...

Love it! We've never done lapbooks in a spiral. Want to try that. Thanks for your dedication to your blog and all the great info. You are an inspiration to me! ~Jenny

Holly said...

OK girl I'm tapping my feet waiting for pics of the LAIR! I'm so excited to see your progress :)

rainydaymichele said...

Very cool, Heather. :)

momtofivekids said...

Love it! Great idea with the dictation/copywork.