Saturday, November 8, 2008

Formidable Foe

If you know anything about E10, then you know he is a gamer. His love language is quality time in the form of GAMES!!! He challenged us this week to a game of Super Scrabble Deluxe and my mom and I accepted. I was just in it for the form a word and get it on the board method. My mom plays to win and as she found does E10! He will take forever to make a play because he is one of those who has to find more than one word and which one will make him the biggest score. This boy made a play that got him 45 points. In. One. Move.

The final score was E10 392 to Nanny's 370. I trailed at 199, but in my defense I stopped playing three quarter's of the way through so that I could do Five in a Row with the other kids.

The kids had a great time with my parents this week. They spent the week in town visiting from West Virginia so that they could help out my first week home from the hospital. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Check this of E10's first words was a Bee Tree vocabulary word Eureka! He felt he should get extra points for that.

Serious gamers!

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