Monday, November 3, 2008

Ask Mr. Bear

We started a new Before Five in a Row book this week. Yes, I know. I just had surgery, but I like to shake things up. Our new title is Ask Mr. Bear by Marjorie Flack.

J3 likes to do puzzles so I pulled out this farm animal mama/baby puzzle with only 10 pairs.

Wow! A job well done.

We used the resources at Homeschool Share to put together some notebook pieces. Today we talked about animals and their sounds and J3 practiced some cutting. He also matched the animal with the gift it suggested.

We practiced the letter G sound
Today I pulled out the bigger Whose Baby puzzle and we sat at the kitchen table. Yes. I can sit there and do a puzzle one week out of major surgery. I sit well. Sleeping and lots of walking- not so well.
I'd like to go through the movements of Danny and the animals, but I think that is best carried out by his big brothers and sister this week. That'll be a fun activity for the family.

I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time on the sofa with J3 doing this book. I can't pick him up or put him in my lap for a long, long time yet so getting to cuddle up next to him is a real treat and I know he loves it too.


Shannon said...

Awww, what a sweet time for you guys!
The Before books are wonderful - we love reading them around here.

And the Bee Tree! We just finished rowing that one, and it was a favorite.

You are one dedicated Mommy/Teacher to be doing everything you're doing one week out of surgery.
I'm sure I'd still be in bed! :)

Praying that you're getting some rest and healing up well.

Love and Prayers,

Alice said...

Looks fun! Your posts on BFIAR are making me want to start with my little one. :)