Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fall Co-op Night!

Yesterday was the last day of fall co-op and we celebrated by going out to dinner with the kids and we headed to co-op night. Co-op night marks the end of another successful semester of co-op and we get to see what all the kids have been up to for the last ten weeks. This was our second semester of co-op and all the kids had a grand time- with the possible exception of J3, but he's coming along.

E10 took a knots class using the Klutz Knots book- their display was awesome. He conquered 14 knots including the square lashing, anchor bend, cats paw, clove hitch, and the slip knot among others. I'm surprised he took this class since at one time Dan had set out to learn knots and the kids did a bunch with him then. They come in handy when you go camping.
Dan taught a class on beginning computer programming using Scratch. The kids learned about the Cartesian Coordinate System and Boolean logic (how computers use it to do their functions) in addition to all the programming blocks in scratch. By the end, the kids had some pretty fun games they'd made and it was fun to see how they used Scratch creatively.
R8 took Beginning Sewing and Advanced Fancy Sewing. Below is a quilt that the girls contributed to that will be donated to a local pregnancy center. R8's square is in the upper right hand corner.

R8's pillow- such nicely coordinated colors on the front. The back is one piece of white with black constellations all over it.

I-6 took Cut and Create again which he thoroughly enjoyed both times. The next several pictures are his creations this semester.

I-6's other class was Art with the Masters using the Usborne Art Treasury. He really enjoyed learning about an artist each week and creating something new. He has a whole little portfolio of these now.
His Kandinsky- Concentric Circles (he's in a real black phase)

J3 is in the preschool class. I co-taught in there doing the craft with the kids. Through out the year, he is putting together an ABC book. He was very proud to show it off. They also did a performance for the parents. He sang the ABC song and counted to 20 and did a fantastic job!


Jen said...

I can't believe no one has asked yet. What is up with that hanging baby???

Heather said...

LOL!! They were suspending them in the knots- you know how you would tie that knot around a person.

It was a climbing wall!