Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let it Snow....Let it Snow....Let it Snow!

Another day of snow here before Thanksgiving...first the kids did a little work. Then it was time to play after I found the sleds.

First the recycling bins needed to be returned to the house.

Should this worry me? He's 3 and he does his own stunts.

It's a little hill but it provides plenty of fun...if this keeps up the ditch at the bottom won't be a problem and there will be a nice plowed up wall there.

This was actually the first run.
Happily, our school work was finished this morning.
All this and the snow continues to fall. And just think. I almost missed it for a trip to Maryland and a certain someone's 20th high school reunion.

Oh and the snow tires are officially getting put on Monday- funny I wonder why they were so booked up this week? It better keep snowing so I can monster around with them!!


Melinda said...

How wonderful! Your pictures, though, make me cold. It's 70 degrees where we are...and my kids have never seen snow. :( Enjoy some for us!

Jen Unsell said...

Oh how fun! I'm jealous Heather! I wish it would snow like that here in Alabama!

Elinette said...

oh man! If my boys see these pictures they are going to start..."mom, let's go back to Chicago!!". They LOVE snow but will not get it this winter here in Texas. LOL!!