Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WWII- A Project

As part of their study of Helen Keller I let E10 and R8 choose two out of four projects to explore as we finish this unit study. E10 chose to find out more about primates and World War II. Their assignment was to:
  • identify resources here at home that they could use to read about their topic.
  • read about the subject
  • write down some fact they want to share
  • plan a project- some way to present their information to us (could be a poster, diorama, book, etc)
  • prepare an oral presentation on their topic

He used this world history book and some facts he googled to do a rough draft of a time line for WWII

Here is he is getting started. He had planned out where everything was to be. Note that mess behind him...
Here's a close up of the mess. What's better than making murals on the kitchen floor? Especially when you have a postage stamp kitchen and a bunch of apples at your heels?
Making progress...
The finished product. I was in charge receiving requests and copying maps for him. I was also somewhat of a design consultant but he decided on most of it and did it himself.

All in all a successful few school days! I'm excited to see what he chooses to do with his information on primates. Stay tuned for what R8 is working hard at as well.

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Anonymous said...

That's a great timeline, E10! What a great job! I look forward to seeing it when we come up.
love, Grandma

Sheri said...

Hey Heather! I hope your recovery is going well.

I know (or thought) you had a paper roll and cutter and was wondering where you ordered them from. I used to have a link and have lost it.

Thanks! (you can email me at