Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Full!

The freezer that is! Yesterday I finally started processing all those apples we got from the orchard. We started with a bushel though the kids had eaten many since we brought them home. Still, with Dan's help, we processed nine gallons for the freezer! We just freeze them in slices in gallon freezer bags and pull them out for fried apples on winter mornings and pies or apple crisps. Takes the work out of putting together a warm apple treat.

I also cooked up a storm yesterday. I crockpotted pulled beef bbq and salsa beef which frozen made two full meals. Plus, I roasted a chicken. I will freeze half of it to be used as cooked chicken in the future and I'm making chicken noodle soup for right before and right after the hospital next week. I have one more large pack of chicken to cut into nuggets and freeze and I think I'm out of time.

So, the freezer really is full. I'll be hard pressed to get those nuggets and the soup in there for sure. Thankfully our upstairs freezer has some room.
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Lisa said...

Yummo!! You have ben hard at work... I love your son's project... what a great job he did..
I also have tagged you... Check out my blog for the rules..
Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

OH WOW!!! Sounds like a great freezer you've got there!!! Wanna come fill up mine now?? lol.
Fried apples...never done those do you do them??