Saturday, September 20, 2008

Writing Time!

I decided to try out Lynn's new idea and use five vocabulary words from Arabella for R8 to use in her writing yesterday. Wow! What a success! You can see below she got to choose words randomly from a pile and then write a sentence at a time. I'm really pleased with the way she put it all together. It's a fine little story. The best part is that her writing has improved even since last year! We did a spelling placement test yesterday and discovered that she is ready for level B- no way! R8 is pleased. She is a better speller than she thought.

In case you can't make it out, I'll type it out here for you. Her word list was: wharf, white cap, jumble, drift, and hoist. She was very excited and this is what she came up with.

The wave had a white cap and it was so tall you could hardly see the top. The sailors were in a big jumble and that could not be fixed. The captain said, "Hoist the sails!", but the sailors were in too much of a big mess to listen. Then they saw the wharf and they screamed and shouted. When they got out of the boat, it started to drift away.
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Gail in Ohio said...

excellent writing! I'm glad you found another fun technique that works for you. Sounds like fun!

Lynn said...

Oh, Heather, what a cute story!! Great job!! Thank you for the mention. :)