Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Am an Artist

We began another Before FIAR book this week called I Am an Artist. What a great little book and just perfect because J3 loves to look all around him and discover and discuss almost anything he sees. He has a real fondness for the things in nature and is particularly attuned to what kind of day it is outside. I thought he would enjoy this book and he does.

We did a leaf book with different colored and shaped leaves.

Saturday we took a walk to the soccer fields to watch his brothers play and we found all sorts of sugar maple leaves along the way. He also pointed out a few pine cones in different sizes. His favorite outdoor creature is the spruce tree. He calls them funny trees and will show you how they laugh. I'm not so sure about all that, but he can't wait until a few months from now when we have a funny tree in the house.

On tap for this week, we'll be looking at clouds and our fall nature study from FIAR. We will make a leaf collage from our collection on Saturday and I think we'll do a short apple study in honor of autumn and the apple harvest which has begun here in NY state.

Stay tuned for updates as I add them.

The second time I read the Artist book to J3, he asked for this one below. He called it the "other" artist book. We figured out he was asking for God Says I Am. On the first page it says, His hand painted the world with the light that he made. God says, "I am an artist." He remembered it and asked for it- what a connection. Way to go J3!

One of the nature items in the artist book is the cloud. We are artists any time we see faces in the clouds the book reads. So, I thought Charles Shaw's, It Looked Like Spilt Milk would be a fun read to go with our study.

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Michelle said...

Way to make the connection! Sounds like a perfect go-along book for I Am an Artist! Thank you for sharing!