Friday, September 12, 2008

When Your Daddy is a Scientist...

You never know where you'll find him next. We've seen this exhibit at our local science center for a while now. Nanotechnology is sort of "buzzy" right now and they are trying to make some good exhibits on the topic. There is already a traveling exhibit out there called, "It's a Nano-world" which features a video with Dan in it as a photolithography engineer. The kids used to love it when it was in town. They'd run up and watch daddy all the time. It was particularly funny when other visitors would come up and they'd say, "That's my daddy!"

This new exhibit is basically a simulation of a clean room- a highly filtered lab that keeps even dust out. Dust is huge on micro-devices. Below you can see the kids can put on the clean room suits and have a good time.

We've seen this one in its finished form a few times now. We actually tested the proto-type because Dan helped with the ideas on the exhibit- another very cool aspect of the job. Well imagine our surprise when Dan goes..."Hey that's me!" That big guy is an employee of the center so I didn't pay attention to the bottom frame...
THIS is Dan! The "scientist" that uses special equipment. Love it!

Dan you have the coolest job in the world. We're proud of you!