Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday E10!

Whoa...double digits!! Where has the time gone? With our oldest turning ten, it means that we've been at this parenting thing TEN years. Ten years? It means I've been home from teaching science for TEN years. Ten years?

It also means new territory...we are considering a new bed time later than his siblings. He's the proud owner of his very own Leatherman Micra. He will get a new 24" bike this weekend. A real big guy bike. He and Dan will be going on an overnight to camp together as soon as the weather permits. He just cannot wait and he can't wait to take along that new Leatherman.

Big stuff...bigger boy.

We love you E10!

New games! The newest add on to Catan- Barbarians and Traders, the Catan card game which is not a card game for the faint of heart- it plays a lot like the real thing, and Ticket to Ride which we can't wait to try out. Word on the street is this game rocks! We'll let you know. Can you see that little Leatherman down there? It is a prized possession that he actually cannot possess all that often just yet!

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