Thursday, August 21, 2008

Six Quirky Things Meme

Sheri at Shades of Pink tagged me for a little meme. Here are the rules. First, link back to the person who tagged you (done). List the rules in your post and tell about your six quirks. Then tag six more people (this could be tough...).

So here goes:

  1. I sleep with two rice socks. Two- heated up in the microwave every night for 2 min 45 sec and 2 min 10 sec or slightly less depending on the season. One goes on my back and one near my feet to keep them warm. Sometimes I vary it but mostly not.
  2. I sleep with one or two small extra blankets on my half of the bed. I drop one or both in the summer sometimes, but nearly always I have a fleece throw up near my head. (both of these last quirks make Dan crazy, btw!)
  3. I shave my legs every day. Even in the winter. All the time. Where ever we go. It's a must. (I don't wear make up but smooth legs are a priority!)
  4. I begin my day by starting the decluttering thread on the FIAR boards. Seriously. My feet hit the floor thinking of a challenge for the day!
  5. I mangle toothpaste tubes and butter sticks/tubs. Always. Forever. It can't be helped. No matter what Dan says. Yes, we have separate tooth paste tubes but only because we use a different kind of paste. I miss the days when he kept my tube nice and neat!!
  6. I wear a watch every day. No amount of cell phones, PDAs or van clocks can take the place of my trusty elastic wristband watch. None. And it must be analog. Digital is for scaredy cats.
Ok now for the tags. Deleise at Deleise Overcome, Ivy at Hedging My Bets, Candace at His Mercy is New, Jen at Little Things, Melinda at Eager Eyes of Blue, and Shannon at Song of my Heart...YOU'RE IT!!


Sheri said...

LOL I can't stand mangled toothpaste tubes, although I have to admit, ours is nearly always a mess and neither Mike nor I will own up to it.

Thanks for playing!

Melinda said...

Mangaled toothpaste? Glad I'm not the only one...

I had lots of fun reading yours and creating mine. Thanks for thinking of me (

Jen said...

I am a daily leg shaver, too! I will have to think on some things and post when I don't have stinky slow hotel internet! : )

Stacey said...

(unrelated to your post...)
What? No Ferdinand projects to look at?? I'm ready to do Ferdinand, picking up FIAR again after a year, and since we're living in Spain, well, you can see why I'm starting w/ that. I was so hoping to get a gander at your kiddos' handiwork as I plan! sigh... :)
Apple Pie's second on the list, so I'll be back...