Friday, August 22, 2008

It's About Time

For some time now, I've been thinking about using a timer to keep things going during the day. I tried once before but it largely failed because a) I kept losing the timer or it was taken and moved without my knowledge b) it would go off when I wasn't in the room and then I wouldn't hear it or could easily ignore it c) it could only time one event at a time.

I know what you're can't be possible that this smooth running ship would need any kind of prompting to stay on course. But I can assure you that with four children all doing various things, laundry to switch, clothes to rescue from the dryer (because heaven FORBID I should ever iron!!), a 3yo to get to potty on time (because thus far, more often than not, he lacks initiative), dinner to start on time, and a daughter who likes to race the clock for her math (or it's just not worth it) a timer would be a bit helpful.

Dan found just the perfect one for me. I need a wider lanyard though because this one digs in a bit because it is thin. My other one doesn't have the right kind of hook to attach to the timer. It would have been fun with just a touch of irony. It's a lanyard with the elementary school down the street's name on it- from my former days of being on the PTO. Dan remarked no...that's not just a little ironic. It's VERY ironic! I'll be on the look out for the perfect lanyard. In the meantime, the MOPS lanyard it is...

Check it- four timers which can count up or down..this thing totally ROCKS and no complicated directions. It's intuitive.

So, what have I done with my timer?
  • keep accurate control of media time (playstation, computer- including my own!
  • alarmed when it was time to get those fries soaking (dinner prep)
  • reminded myself it's time to take J3 to the potty
  • set a timer for R8 to complete her math
  • alarmed the time to check on my laundry
  • set a quiet time for the kids when they needed it the other day
I am so on this! I hope the battery doesn't wig out on me!!


Amber said...

I love my timer! Math wouldn't get finished, rooms wouldn't get clean, video games would be on all day... I would be lost without it! I really like yours. I need one to wear around my neck! Once, mine got lost. AGH! I was setting the alarm clock of whatever room I was in! LOL!

Alana - The Mommy said...

You are timing FOOL! Watch out declutter-er world!

Oh yeah, I gave you some PROPS on my blog! Tee Hee.

Anonymous said...

this is funny. WSe have used that very timer at work for many years...
kim w

Heather said...

Kim W is that really you? As in Kim W my very best sister?

Welcome to my blog!

Heather said...

Hey Kim- does this time keep you guys on track?

I hear time is of the essence in your line of work. ; )

Sheila said...

I'm just starting out with homeschooling and I found your great blog! I'm considering using FIAR for my 5 year old. I'm curious what you use for your children's notebooks. Do you buy them in bulk? Are they sketch books? Thanks!

Heather said...

Hi Sheila!

I have used a couple of things for our notebooks. In a lot of the FIAR posts on the right you will see a 10 x 10 spiral scrapbook from Walmart.

I also have the kids use file folders to make lapbooks.

Plus, I've been known to dabble in 3 prong folders for our long unit studies. Anything you see in the Beyond FIAR list uses those. They can hold a lot and you can still be creative with them.

I buy lots of file folders and 3 prong folders this time of year. The scrapbooks do go on sale occasionally at Walmart and I stocked up last year.

Thanks for reading!

Sheri said...

Hey! I nominated you for a blog award (or two)

kim said...

hi, yes of course it is me...and no need to welcome I've been here before...and yes, that timer, several actually, is a workhorse in my world.

danielle-laryn said...

I am constantly stalking your blog for homeschool ideas! Thanks for the inspiration! I think i definitly need one of those timers!!

check out the chaos at:

Jen said...

I nominated you, too! You are a blog queen! : )

Lynn said...

Timers are great. I probably still need one, though I did quit using it when all the children started to get older. Now I need one for me. LOL.

I've given you an award. Come on over.


Ron said...

Timers...even for down time! What a stress filled world this has become. Chill folks. Take time to smell the roses! Mom