Monday, July 21, 2008

US Geography Fun

I want share some recent finds for traveling or school geography fun.

Fandex of the 50 States holds a map at the top and then a set of facts or stories about each state. Bonus- I found this one at a local children's consignment store for $1.99.
Picked this up at Barnes and Noble with my teacher discount (yes, the give those to homeschools too)- the box is magnetic so it stays shut
Check out the contents! The book has a picture of the actual license plate (one official design) and facts on the back. It also comes with a booklet on the history of plates and an offical checklist with small pencils. How cool is all that? Nothing like taking an old car game and taking it up a notch!
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Lynn said...

What a great find! I know you'll enjoy it. :)

Hey, I LOVE the batman book. My third son thought he was batman for about 3 years IRL.