Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Hero

I can't tell you how many times Dan has invited the kids to work with him on various projects. I have pictures over the years of him with E9, R8, and I-6 working on a task together. When our 3ft high Blue's Clues Mailbox came to live with us and it needed to be put together, E9 (then maybe 3) got out his "tools" and worked with his daddy. Each time a new baby arrived and a crib had to be put back together, out came those same tools to help with assembly. Each time a big girl or boy bed was put together and a crib taken down, the tools came on out. It's no different for J3. Only he's up for the mediocre tasks. He mows with Daddy every chance he gets and he's been itchin' because it's been raining constantly. He could hardly wait to get down from dinner and get started this evening!

Gasin' up just like Daddy
They work hard together...father and son...
Just look at that total devotion to his task...and his daddy. Dan better soak it on up now! That fierce loyalty may slip just a little.

The real question is...will he enjoy it so much when it actually becomes his job?? With three boys, I can tell you that Dan looks forward to that day when one of them will mow for him. Not that R8 can't, but if she's like me then small mammals everywhere will be in mortal danger. Right, Dad?
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Alana said...

What a sweet post. Dad's are the best!