Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Book Finds!

I can't believe I forgot to share last week's book sale finds! The sale runs through this weekend as well, but I think things are pretty well picked over for now. I did leave one thing behind that I regret, but I'm not sure it's worth going back for...(a copy of the Klutz book on Chinese jump rope- no jump rope, but the book alone is worth the 50 cents I would have paid that day!) However, I made some excellent finds. I can't believe I'd only been to this sale one other time and had not been back until now. That won't happen again!

Ok, these three made my day! We have the final two books in the Core Knowledge series on What Your ___ Grader Needs to Know. I still needed 4th and 6th grades. These were in the adult section for $2 each I think, but that means I paid $10 for the entire series because two were given to me. Since I use the dictation method for grammar, I like these books to give me a quick and easy idea for the benchmarks on grammar for each grade.

The real find above is the other book WriteSource 2000- this book has remained elusive to me as I could never figure out which one to get. I kept seeing the workbooks and not the handbooks new and it is a pricey book that I've always waited on. It's a grammar handbook and much better than I'd imagined it for the last two years. It was on a shelf in the children's area under hobbies! And it cost me....50 cents!!!!

Never pass up an Usborne book at a booksale- check out the titles I picked up. There are number puzzles, a few science and social studies titles and a phonics story. R7 can use the earth and animal facts for her adventure box this summer.

The American Girl collection- I think we pretty well had picked over the stories she didn't have but after our inventory we found a few more of the doll stories she didn't have. In addition to those, I picked up some other ones that though she scoffed at, she will appreciate later. Several are out of print and we had gotten from the library and she liked it. Groom Your Room and Salt Dough are fun craft books. The manners book she didn't want, but I have a feeling when she's a little older she'll like it. Finally we have the ever popular Care and Keeping of You. Very soon it will be time to give her this book and share its contents. It was in great shape and I figure better to spend 50 cents rather than $10 for a new one.

Here are some reference titles- once again an explorer book along with some science and social studies. Kid Concoctions will be a future bloggy giveaway since I already have it.

Finally, some wonderful picture books we either didn't have or I thought we could use more of to share! I have a board book copy of Spilt Milk that is an abridged version of the original. I also have an art set that goes with it so totally worth it to get the real deal. Our copy of One Morning in Maine is not as nice as this one. Plus, I picked up tons of FIAR titles which I have either given away or sold! I have a few left for any interested parties...The Little Rabbit, Katy No Pocket and Madeline are some I can think of.

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