Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Day in our Homeschooling Life...

Well we are starting to sort of wind down for the school year. We started back in mid- August and I think we could all use a break! However, we have two more weeks during which to press onward. Here are a few things we've been up to this week. Most of these were taken yesterday.

I've really been making an effort to incorporate some more hands on stuff for R7's math. She is really quite a kinesthetic kid and I really need to remember that sometimes! I got a few suggestions from my FIAR pals and one of them was to let her work her problems on the board. She loved it!

This is one of E9's new Usborne Books called Science Things to Make and Do- and they have taken that to heart over the past couple of days

At one point I was asked for stamping inks and look what appeared after that!

Yesterday they did the robots and today they did the rocket shapes. They had to test all the ways the shapes could fit together and E9 made them into rockets with sticker flames. Love the sticker flames.

This little contraption uses a straw to blow a tin foil ball out the top. My job? Cone making and general permissiveness.

While the bigger kids were fiddling around with science and art J2 and I were having a good time! Tot time today included a few rounds of the "moon game" which we played again today, but he would not go for the Goodnight Moon game.

I pulled down the puzzles and introduced J2 to the alphabet train. He was delighted so now my job is to pull down all the puzzles and find a new more accessible spot for them. I've almost worked it out. We'll see.

Today J2 jumped at the chance to listen to the Farmyard Tales on CD- I offered at three different times to read them to him, but I was rejected! He did like the idea of listening to the CD. He ran to get the book and I got the CD spinning. He did pretty well following along considering there are no beeps for when to turn the page.

We've also been doing regular school work as we finish up Peter Rabbit and continue with Sarah, Plain and Tall.

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